Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

“Zharasym” RYO of APK

"Zharasym" Republican youth organization of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan.


All of us, the youth of Kazakhstan and various ethnicities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, participated in the activities of their ethno-cultural associations and the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan, periodically interacting with each other. However, the form of our activity was not effective enough. All of us were limited by our ECA and were not united. Having realized one of the fundamental principles of our successful development, reflected in the concept of development of our country, we realized that our strength is in our unity. By taking a fresh look at our activities, we have changed the form of our interaction. We, the youth of different ethnicities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, went beyond the interaction between individual ECA and became a single entity – Republican Youth Organization "Zharasym".

Our mission:

Formation of social and civil activity among young people through the personal growth of each young citizen of Kazakhstan.

Our aim:

Consolidation and development of youth of different ethnicities of Kazakhstan on the basis of national unity of the people of Kazakhstan, the policy of Elbasy and activities of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan to strengthen inter-ethnic tolerance and public consent in the country.

Our main directions:

  • Familiarizing young people with cultural values;
  • Ensuring the continuity of moral guidelines among young people;
  • Promotion of civic and patriotic self-realization of youth.

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