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Republican house of friendship of Almaty city

Republican House of Friendship in Almaty

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 Houses of Friendship of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan are established in all regions of the country

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Houses of Friendship of the regional level have undergone conceptual changes in connection with the creation of Municipal state institutions "Kogamdyk kelisim" in 2015 at akimats of regions on the basis of existing Houses of Friendship to ensure the work of the regional Assembly of people of Kazakhstan.

Republican House of friendship has a special status, which is a structural unit of “Kogamdyk kelisim” RSI under the President of Kazakhstan and operates in Almaty. In the building of the House of friendship there are 29 ethno-cultural associations, an office for the study of the state and native languages, magazine "Dostyk - Druzhba", international community "Kazakh tili", Sunday schools for learning state and native languages.

The building of the House of Friendship was built specifically for receptions, meetings, conferences, it is a monument of history and culture.

Over the past two years, new buildings of Houses of Friendship in Karaganda region have been put into operation.

To date, the demand for Houses of Friendship as a real form of work with the population, as a source of stimulating the development of social and civil initiatives, due to the fact that they are:

  • resource, cultural and methodological center for ethno-cultural associations;
  • center of formation and dissemination of ideas of unity, interethnic harmony, promotion of Kazakhstan patriotism;
  • center for financial and methodological assistance in support of priority projects aimed at strengthening social cohesion and national unity,
  • center of cultural events.

The aims and objectives of the organizations are aimed at strengthening Kazakhstan's identity and national unity, to solve common problems on preservation of traditions, languages, cultures of ethnicities of Kazakhstan, formation of interethnic tolerance and public consent, integration of efforts of ethno-cultural associations in achieving the aims and objectives of the Assembly.

In accordance with the statutory activities, the Houses of Friendship are doing tremendous work in all areas of activity of the APK:

  • organization of the work of the public consent councils, scientific expert group and other structures in the direction of the Assembly;
  • providing support to ethno-cultural associations, identifying mechanisms for financing their social projects through Houses of Friendship;
  • monitoring the full participation of all ethnic communities and groups living in Kazakhstan in all spheres of public life;
  • assistance in the development of mechanisms and implementation of measures to exclude and prevent conflicts in inter-ethnic relations;
  • promoting the development of traditional forms of work of ethnic communities and groups of regions (Folk Craft, Handicrafts);
  • formation and dissemination of ideas of inter-ethnic and inter-religious consent and cooperation, spiritual unity and patriotism;
  • creation of clubs, sections, centers for the preservation of historical, cultural and spiritual heritage of all ethnic groups living in the regions, creating an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect between them;
  • lectures for young people on prevention of extremism, racism, xenophobia, ethnic and religious intolerance;
  • organization of media appearances and publications on positive phenomena in inter-ethnic relations, facts of labor achievements, feats in the name of life, the established tradition of good neighborliness and cooperation between representatives of different ethnic communities and groups, positive examples of resolution of inter-ethnic conflicts that arose in the past;
  • holding seminars, competitions, actions, scientific projects on revival and promotion of the best traditions, customs and ceremonies of the ethnic groups living in regions of Kazakhstan, their use in the process of education of young generation, assistance to growth of self-consciousness on the basis of the uniting values and general historical past of all people of Kazakhstan;
  • training and retraining of specialists of Houses of Friendship through training and advanced training in the relevant local and national organizations and institutions, participation in trainings and seminars of state and public organizations.

Further improvement of its work can be carried out on the basis of the Republican Methodical Board of Directors of Houses of Friendship at the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan, whose activities should be aimed at solving the following tasks:

  • improvement of activities content of Houses of Friendship;
  • definition of development prospects;
  • implementation of effective methods and forms of organizational, methodological and research activities;
  • ensuring interaction between the Houses of friendship, ethnic and cultural associations;
  • development of a single organizational and legal form of activity;
  • providing funding for activities;
  • definition of model states;
  • improving logistics and increasing qualified personnel of Houses of friendship by revising specialists’ salaries.

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