Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

10 February, 2020


Zinaida Chumakova: We need peace to be happy

The morning of February 8 was unusually warm and sunny, as if April was outside the window and the ringing trills of drops brought the joyful news to the world - "spring is coming!". This iridescent mood disappeared instantly, as we heard about the events in Korday. I hardly can believe that living in peacetime, in a peaceful country, we are looking for a reason for quarrels and conflicts.

Who needs it and what for? The grief of mothers has nothing to do with nationality, and tears are the same in taste and bitterness. Human blood does not add joy to our lives. No destructive power has brought happiness to the world or dried the tears of a child! We need peace to be happy!

Will we let everything that was created by more than one generation of our great ancestors be destroyed - unity, consent, mutual help, friendship and kindness?! Let us preserve prudence at least for our children and mothers! Rage is a bad adviser, as well as hatred, it has never been welcomed by the Almighty. May there be mercy in your every action, and light and righteousness in your decisions.

I appeal to all the people of Kazakhstan, for whom the Country of the Great Steppe was, is and will forever remain our common Motherland. I address as mother, sister, member of Assembly of people of Kazakhstan, as patriot of the country with the request to reflect and not to react the words said in anger!

Let us all the world, once and for all, refuse to follow those who divide us. Why should we not live in love, unity and harmony, that is what distinguishes us from all other countries.

Zinaida Chumakova,

Chairman of the Mothers' Council

Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, Zhezkazgan

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