Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

02 February, 2022


We are a friendly united country!

Sometimes, everyone is faced with a difficult situation that requires them to make bold decisions. However, they are responsible for their own decisions.

President Kassym-Jomart Kemeluly Tokayev gave his first interview after the “Tragic January”. This dialogue can serve as an example of transparency in politics. The President shared his bold decisions on reforms and open policies and paved the way for great change.

“It was a real war. We had to take responsibility. According to our law, there are restrictions on the use of weapons in the event of a spiral out of control after the Zhanaozen incident. Therefore, we must open fire on armed robbers before I make a public statement”, he said. “I accepted responsibility”.

All the people of Kazakhstan supported these courageous actions of the President. Time has shown that the most appropriate and timely decision was to call in troops from the CSTO member states.

The issues of political reforms and personnel changes were also discussed during the conversation.

The President said that new appointments among politicians would continue in the future.

The head of state said that personnel still need to be evaluated on the basis of their qualifications and quality of work, and that tested specialists are needed. The President also explained that the reforms are not limited to personnel changes; the changes will only affect the system.

After the President K.K.Tokayev’s interview, the idea of Kazakhstan's future was formed immediately. In other words, the Head of State noted that the future depends on the potential of education, science, new technologies and Kazakhstanis.

Ultimately, the people are convinced that the transformation of society and the entire political system will lead to economic growth in Kazakhstan.

Deputy of the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Ilyas Bularov

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