Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

18 February, 2020


Student from Kyzylorda took first place in the national contest of scientific projects

KYZYLORDA - 11-grade student of school-gymnasium No. 212, Aizat Yerbol, with her work devoted to the past and present of Korean ethnos representatives, deported to Kyzylorda region from the Far East, won first place in the national contest of science projects held in Almaty.

In the research work the student was supported by her supervisors – Aitzhan Orazbakov, Head of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan Department, Korkyt Ata KSU and Zeynesh Ateyeva, history teacher of school-gymnasium No. 212.

During study of a theme the young scientist has come to the House of friendship where has received necessary information and information on the Korean ethnos.

We sincerely congratulate the young scientist, who passed on four stages of competition on a theme "Economic and social-cultural models of development of Kazakhstan in Strategy "Kazakhstan-2050" and took a prize place!

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