Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

08 January, 2020


Reconciliation Bench in Baikonyr

BAIKONYR - The benefits of the Reconciliation Benches have been appreciated by the locals, who not only make peace here, but also plan to get married.

An unusual urban facility appeared in Baikonyr, a bench for those who want to reconcile was installed here. Its name was quite symbolic "Reconciliation bench".

The installation of the art object was initiated by the Chairman of Baikonyr Court Telzhan Zhussupov.

"This initiative is for the benefit of the residents of Baikonyr town, as well as the nearby villages Toretam and Akay. We want people to make peace before the trial," Zhussupov said.

Baikonyr residents appreciated the significant and kind gesture of the city court.

"The bench of reconciliation is thousands of times more pleasant than that of the defendants” says Nikolai Tarasov, a city resident. “Especially after "domestic battles" it is very useful for people to sit hand in hand on a bench in the fresh air under the starry sky to understand how beautiful the world is without quarrels and offenses".

Local youth have decided to expand the purpose of the Reconciliation Bench.

"I brought my girlfriend to the bench and made a proposal, adding that if I ever hurt her, I will spend the day and night on the Reconciliation Bench until she forgives me," said the citizen Serikbol Akhmetov.

Serikbol said his beloved agreed to marry him.

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