Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

18 December, 2019


Rally Held at the mass grave of Soviet soldiers in Kyzylorda

KYZYLORDA - At the mass grave of Soviet soldiers, who died during the Great Patriotic War, a rally organized by the public association "Social and Cultural Center "Slavs" with the support of Kyzylorda Regional Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.

"The Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Almaty informed that works on immortalization in a historical-memorial complex of park "Patriot" of the Moscow region of memory of the Soviet soldiers who have given their lives in struggle against fascism which are planned to finish to celebrating of 75th anniversary of the Great Victory are conducted in Russia. In this regard, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has developed a project "Road of Memory", which involves the solemn transfer to this memorial complex with land from the burial places of Soviet soldiers who died and died of wounds during the Great Patriotic War. Therefore, we are all gathered here," said G. Scherbakova, Head of the ethno-cultural association "Slavs" at the opening of the rally.

As part of the rally, students of school-lyceum No. 5 performed, having read the literary editing. Further on at meeting, Mira Kazbekova, Deputy Mayor, Kyzylorda, Ruslan Namazbayev, Head of department of city military commissariat and the veteran of the Great Patriotic War delivered speech.

The honorary mission to take the land from the mass grave was given to school-lyceum No. 5, which was named after the hero of the Soviet Union I. Panfilov. The mission was carried out by the headmaster of the school-lyceum A. Izbassova.

It is worth noting that this educational institution carries out great work to educate the younger generation in the spirit of patriotism, instills in students love for their native land, works in close contact with "Slavs". The Consulate General of Russia is also familiar with this school very well.

This year, by May 9, former graduates of the school brought land from the village of Dubosekovo near Moscow from the battlefields where the Panfilov division fought.

In this regard, G. Scherbakova, Head of the ethnocultural association "Slavs" on behalf of the Ambassador of the Russian Federation Alexei Borodavkin presented a diploma to the headmaster of the school Altyn Izbassova.

Then the land will be transferred to the Consulate General of Russia, from where it will be sent on a special flight to Moscow. Also in the memorial complex of the Patriot Park is expected to install a memorial plaque with the inscription and land from the mass grave, where the soldiers who died from wounds in the city of Kyzylorda are buried.

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