Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

19 March, 2021


Nauryz is a very important spring holiday

Dear compatriots!

Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan sincerely congratulates you on the bright holiday of Nauryz, that embodies an awakening of nature, its renewal and prosperity. The intergeneric feuds, bloody wars, ceased disputes, mutual grievances were forgiven, and disagreements were smoothed out during these days.

Nowadays, Nauryz takes a new meaning. It has become a uniting holiday for all the people living in Kazakhstan, regardless of nationality and religion. Its role is great in strengthening the friendship between people, in renewing the traditions as well.

In our country, Nauryz is celebrated with great joy in every family. The holiday has a 5000-year-long history, and is widely celebrated in Kazakhstan and the whole of Central Asia. On this auspicious occasion, we would like to wish you and your families much joy and hope, especially during these odd and challenging times!

Dear Kazakhstanis!

We would like to congratulate you on the holiday of spring renewal! A spring has come, and Nauryz has arrived as the warmest, sunniest holiday! We are all looking forward to it, after a long cold winter, because Nauryz brings new hopes, new songs and the joy of life itself to every home! Due to the wise and balanced state policy, the peace, friendship and mutual understanding between people reign in our country. This fact is our common property, because the main value for Kazakhstanis is solidarity.

It is no coincidence that this holiday has been revered since the ancient times as a bright day of creation and the beginning of a new year. And, the New Year is always associated with hopes for the best, with the construction of new plans and the fulfillment of the most cherished desires.

Let this wonderful spring holiday strengthen the bonds of friendship, mutual respect and understanding! May every day of the awakening spring, every ray of sunshine bring happiness and prosperity for your families! And, may the peace, warmth and prosperity always stay in our common home – the Republic of Kazakhstan!

Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

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