Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

22 March, 2020


Despina Kasapidi: In difficult times, we must show responsibility, help each other and take care

Dear countrymen!

Now society, our country is going through a very responsible period due to the epidemiological situation on COVID-19. These days, a great burden is laid on the medical workers. I express my gratitude! We need to show responsibility, help each other, take care of ourselves and our loved ones.

First of all, we should not panic! Trust only official sources. Secondly, we have to follow the recommendations made by the health workers. These are simple rules related to personal hygiene, social distance, avoidance of mass events. This is especially important today. Together we will overcome all difficulties. Cohesion, unity and support of each other - that is the most important thing now. Be healthy!

Despina Kasapidi

Member of APK, Karaganda Region

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