Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

30 August, 2021


Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan congratulates the Kazakhstanis on Constitution Day

Dear Kazakhstanis!

The Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan congratulates you on the national holiday – the Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan!

Our Constitution is a reflection of the freedom of the people of Kazakhstan and the formation of the country as a democratic, secular, legal and social state, where the most precious treasure is the person, his life, rights and freedom.

This year, the holiday is associated with the 30th anniversary of Independence and has a special symbolism and deep meaning.

There is no doubt that the achievements of modern independent Kazakhstan, the perfect state structure, open market economy, peace policy acknowledged by the whole world are the historical results achieved by our Constitution.

It is important to note that the Constitution defines the fundamental foundations of the work of the state and society to strengthen a national unity, peace, friendship and harmony among ethnic groups, enshrines the rights and equal opportunities of citizens, regardless of ethnicity.

All these postulates have become the basis for the rapid development of the country, that has allowed us to implement successfully all the planned reforms together.

Dear compatriots!

We call for the protection of the Kazakhstani foundations of statehood and our civic principles enshrined in the Constitution, and for the strict observance of its norms as a guarantee of successful development, strengthening unity and harmony.

May the Constitution Day always be a symbol of patriotism and bright manifestation of our love for the Motherland!

We wish you all a good health, success, unity and prosperity!

Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan

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