Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

26 March, 2020


Assembly of People of Kazakhstan organized an action to support the elderly

West Kazakhstan Region - The action ‘Caravan of Mercy’ is actively realized on the territory of West Kazakhstan region.

As the deputy head of Kogamdyk Kelisim MPI of WKR, Mayor’s Office, Aigul Turkina reported, the main purpose of the action is to support lonely elderly people.

"The action ‘Caravan of Mercy’ is conducted by the Volunteer Movement Center at the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan WKR, where the main goal is to provide and deliver lonely elderly people of the region with essential products, as well as antiseptics and medical masks. We are supported by representatives of the city entrepreneurship, ethno-cultural associations, volunteer movements and many others, who are not indifferent to the current situation associated with the coronavirus," said the speaker.

The staff of APK WKR volunteer movement worked practically without stopping, social packages were collected, cars with foodstuffs drove by, banners and memos were developed, volunteers sewed masks. Although many people were in different places, but a common spirit - the desire to help your neighbor all of them gathered together at night.

"We went around and congratulated 42 people on the holiday of Nauryz, 6 of whom are veterans of the Great Patriotic War and the rear. We wished health and family well-being, received their blessings. It was decided to split up and cover the city as much as possible," said the head of the volunteer movement "BIRLIK" Dulat Makatov.

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