Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

05 February, 2020


APK Volunteers Solve Conflicts using Mediation Techniques

Gulbakhsha Mussabayeva, Head of Mediation Cabinet of Kogamdyk Kelisim MPI of North-Kazakhstan region, candidate of legal sciences Gulbakhsha Musabayeva in the form of live communication with the audience acquainted the participants with the concept, principles and legislative basis of mediation institute in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The participants of the training seminar watched video films with the subjects of conflict situations. And already during viewing G. Nurmukanovna taught the volunteers modeling of disputes and conflicts by means of techniques and techniques of procedure of mediation.

The key point of the training seminar was a "business game", where the roles of mediator and parties to the mediation were distributed and conflict situations and their resolution through negotiations with the parties were lost. Gulbakhsha Musabayeva taught techniques such as "active listening," focus meetings and others.

The seminar participants saw an important point in applying mediation, which is that it is more profitable and better to prevent a conflict than to enter into a conflict situation.

Most importantly, mediation techniques are needed by volunteers in their work when they get into different non-standard situations.

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