Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

01 May, 2020


APK: Unity in Diversity is One of the Main Priorities of Public Policy

Dear compatriots!

We sincerely congratulate you on Kazakhstan People’s Unity Day.

May 1 has become a holiday that reflected the diversity of culture and the richness of spiritual traditions of our country.

All of us, regardless of ethnic or religious affiliation, political and other beliefs, are united by love for our native land, mutual trust and respect, ownership and responsibility for the future of our country.

Unity is our main value and asset, which should be constantly protected and preserved. People's unity has acquired centuries, thanks to which the most difficult periods in the history of state development have been overcome.

The Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, established by First President 25 years ago, is doing a great job in preserving and strengthening the national harmony. ‘Unity in Diversity’ model has been and remains one of the main priorities of the state policy.

Today, together we are successfully fighting the coronavirus pandemic. There is no doubt that the Kazakhstanis will overcome all difficulties and trials.

Dear friends!

We wish health, family well-being and confidence in the future. May our unity and consent always be with us!

Sending you the warmest wishes of peace, tranquility and prosperity to our native land!

Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

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