Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

15 October, 2020


An online convention dedicated to the implementation of modern methods was held in Nur-Sultan

A meeting of the Methodological Council for the introduction of modern management methods organized by the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, the Committee for Development of Interethnic Relations of the Ministry of Information and Social Development, RSE "Public Consent" was carried out yesterday in Nur-Sultan.

The meeting was attended by directors and employees of RSE "Public Consent" of the regions, Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Shymkent and the House of Friendship of the APK, heads of regional ethnocultural associations, RSE "Public Consent" and discussed important issues of RSE "Public Consent".

A convention has started with an introductory speech by the Chairman of the Committee for the Development of Interethnic Relations of the Ministry of Information and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Bolat Baurzhanuly Mazhagulov.

The current issues on the RSE "Public Consent" and the regional structures of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, "Coordination of charitable activities is an indicator of social partnership between the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan and the business community", "About the implementation of socially important projects of ethnocultural associations of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan", "Development of charity in the activities of ethnocultural associations (on the example of the Republican Cultural Center of Uyghurs in Kazakhstan)", "Cultural and educational projects on implementing “Ruhani zhangyru” program in Zhambyl region", "About the results of the project "Qazaqtany" in North Kazakhstan region", as well as, "The main priorities of the activities of the public association" Women of Akhiska" of the Turkish ethnocultural center" Akhiska" were discussed during the meeting.

In addition, “Experience of the Council of Public Accord of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in Almaty region”, “Innovative project “Service to Society" and the experience of Mangistau regional center”, "Mechanisms for the implementation of state policy in the field of interethnic relations of RSE "Public Consent" of the Department of Internal Policy of Karaganda region", "New forms of work of the youth movement "Zhangyru Zholy" of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan", "Experience and perspective of the regional headquarters of "Zhangyru Zholy" and the Center for Volunteer Movement of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in Kostanay region", video report of the republican newspaper "Kore Ilbo" and its role in Kazakhstani interethnic media space", "Innovative information approach to project management in the mediation office", "Mediation among youth: the relationship between school and family mediation" were discussed as well.

The participants of the meeting, after hearing and discussing the issues on the agenda of RSE "Public Consent" and the Board of Methodological Directors of the House of Friendship of Regions, have enacted the following recommendations.

Among the important suggestions are the activities and management of RSE "Public Consent", a single comprehensive database of ethnic groups in the region, methodological and analytical materials, interactive maps of ethnic groups in the regions, monitoring of socio-ethnic tensions and cultural events aimed at strengthening social cohesion, also to strengthen the work, to establish a center for methodological assistance to ethnocultural associations in the houses of friendship in order to support their priorities, to intensify work on providing resource, cultural and methodological assistance to ethnocultural associations, as well as to develop social and civic initiatives aimed at strengthening social harmony and national unity, and it is planned to intensify the work too.

Secondly, an active participation of the youth of ethnocultural associations of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in preparation and implementation of projects and activities for the implementation of the program "Ruhani zhangyru" and other projects is considered as a particular importance. In this regard, it is planned to disseminate the good and best practices on the projects "Kazakhtanu" and "Halyktanu" in Zhambyl, North Kazakhstan, Karaganda and other regions. It is also necessary to mobilize all public structures of the APK to promote "Ruhani zhangyru” to carry out the significant projects socially and outreach activities among all urban and rural population of the country, to motivate leaders of the youth movement of the APK, to organize the meetings with the winners of the national project "100 people of Kazakhstan" is recommended as well.

Thirdly, the activity of ethnocultural associations and public structures of the APK, including: the Council of Public Harmony, the Council of Mothers (for example, to strengthen the education of girls and boys in preparation for family life and family values), councils and mediation offices, business associations, the parliamentary groups in Majilis and maslikhats, the Scientific and Expert Council, as well as the expert groups in the scientific regions, the Association of Departments of the APK, the youth movement "Zhangyru Zholy", strengthening the learning of the state language, activists and representatives of ethnocultural associations, friendship houses, including the state social order and it is planned to open the Kazakh language offices.

Working with student youth plays an important role in the implementation of youth policy. It is necessary to continue expanding the network of youth clubs at national and regional universities to cover all regions, sub-assemblies of the people of Kazakhstan, clubs of students of the APK at universities in Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Pavlodar, Karaganda, Kyzylorda and other regions. This proposal is considered as the creation of sub-assemblies at the institutes of higher education of the people of Kazakhstan in the regional centers. It was also proposed to strengthen the work on social networks and create a website for the National Online Platform "Social Elevators for Youth in Kazakhstan".

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