Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

13 March, 2020


Aizan Khatayeva: Abai saw the conditions for the country’s prosperity in the development of international business

Abai Kunanbayev is a majestic phenomenon in the world scale, that after time we not only do not comprehend the depth of thoughts, actions, on the contrary, more and more questions appear. The world of the great poet is so huge that researches of new facts about his life and activity remain relevant till nowadays. "You can't see face to face, you can see a lot from a distance", wrote Sergey Esenin.

Abai's work is dedicated to the life of his native people. According to various estimates, Abai wrote about 170 poems, 56 translations, 45 words of edification, 3 poems during his life. There was also the fourth poem - unfinished work of Abai - a poem ‘Uadim’. There was a translation of the unfinished novel ‘Uadim’ in the poetic form by the great Russian poet M. Lermontov into Kazakh language.

Abai's talent as a translator of literary works is connected with the names of Pushkin, Lermontov, Krylov, Bunin, Goethe, Schiller, Byron, Mitskevich, Delvig and Polonsky. Interestingly, during the poet's lifetime only a few poems were published. The book of Abai's works was first published in 1909 in St. Petersburg, five years after his death. In turn, the works of the great poet were translated into more than 60 languages of the world.

Abai stands at the foundation of Kazakh written literature. He also introduced other innovations in Kazakh poetry, new verses: the eight and sixain.

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