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On September 15, the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan held a Unified Republican Day in the framework of the nationwide support for the introduction of the Uniform Standard of the Alphabet of the State Language on the Latin chart.

Throughout the country, on the basis of the Friendship Houses, events took place in the format of meetings of the Councils of the Assembly, scientific and expert groups, conferences, round tables, councils of public consent and mother councils of the ANC, meetings with experts, etc.

In Astana, an expanded meeting of the Scientific and Expert Council of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan was held.

Deputy chairmen of the ANC - Darkhan Mynbay, Sergey Vishnyak, Abilfas Hamedov, deputies of the Majilis of the Parliament of the RK, elected from the Assembly, members of the ANC Council, the ANC Scientific Advisory Committee, the heads of the scientific and expert groups, the departments and structures of the Assembly, representatives of the scientific and creative intelligentsia, state bodies and universities.

In his speech, Deputy Chairman and Head of the Secretariat of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan Darkhan Mynbay noted that we have a dynamic but systematic and gradual transition of the Kazakh language into Latin script and the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan will take a most direct part in this work.

This is due to a number of circumstances.

At first. The transition of the Kazakh language into Latin is the core of the program of spiritual modernization of Kazakhstan.

It will facilitate the formation of trilingualism in the country, the study of all three languages ​​by a younger generation of citizens.

EXPO experience has shown that acquaintance with Kazakhstan has caused a legitimate interest of foreign guests to the Kazakh language, culture, traditions.

The state language in Latin will provide satisfaction of such interest for millions of citizens of foreign countries writing in the Latin alphabet. Hence, the Kazakh language becomes more accessible for study, and the country is more attractive from the point of view of the development of international business and tourism.

For our compatriots abroad, new opportunities open for the development of their native language and writing, rapprochement with their historical homeland. And we get an additional incentive for transferring investments and technologies to Kazakhstan.

Secondly. The state language in the Latin alphabet will become a new channel for incorporating the Kazakh linguistic space into international communications and the world economy.

Thanks to the Latin alphabet, we will be able to adapt the international scientific and technical vocabulary most optimally to our national vocabulary.

And in this respect, Latin graphics will facilitate the introduction of digital technologies and the fulfillment of our main task - joining 30 world leaders.

The introduction of the Latin alphabet is pure pragmatism aimed at increasing the country's competitiveness.

Thirdly. The transition to the Latin alphabet, the use of Latin graphics in addition to the national alphabet, has become a global trend.

People are striving to know and learn the languages ​​of those civilized countries that have achieved the greatest success in economic, social and scientific and technological progress.

For Kazakhstan, the countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD - 35 countries), which use the Latin alphabet in overwhelming majority, became such a guideline.

In Japan and China, along with hieroglyphic writing, there are alphabetical transcriptions of Japanese and Chinese languages, based on the Latin alphabet.

Latinization of the alphabets, any information - today is an objective world trend.

Fourth. This step will entail a multiplicative effect for the emergence of innovations, new technologies in various fields and sectors, including education.

Latin graphics are used in medicine, in Latin script road signs, car license plates, it is used in passports, cell phones, visual information.

The introduction of the Uniform Standard of the Alphabet of the State Language on the Latin chart will streamline this process, making the means of global communication systemic, more convenient and accessible.

In conclusion, D. Mynbay stressed the importance of nationwide discussion of the Uniform Standard of the Alphabet of the State Language on the Latin chart.

We all clearly understand that our sovereign choice is due solely to our national interests-the interests of competitiveness and pragmatism, the openness of consciousness and the preservation of the national code.

The introduction of Latin graphics for the Kazakh language is a time dictated by a deeply objective need.

This applies only to the Kazakh language. As the President said, the Cyrillic character will continue to play its role. Therefore, those who use Cyrillic, speak Russian, they may not worry.

And the Kazakh language is a state language, so all citizens of the country are interested in its future.

Therefore, the transition to the Latin alphabet is our common goal!

Also at the meeting, Deputy Chairman of the ANC S.Vishnyak, Majilis deputy N.Zhumaldilayeva, Chairman of the Committee on Language Development and Social and Political Work of the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan K. Asylov spoke at the meeting, Director of the Institute of Linguistics named after M.Sh. A. Baytursynov of the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Ye.Yazhybek, heads of ethnocultural associations.

As a result of the meeting, an appeal was made to the people of Kazakhstan, in which the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan expressed its full determination to make every effort to realize the historic step - the transition to the Latin alphabet of the state language

The appeal noted that the introduction of Latin graphics will have a lasting effect for Kazakhstan's integration into the world economy and communication, science and culture, for joining the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation, for the Third Modernization of the country on the principles of digitalization of all spheres of society.

"We urge all citizens of our country to support the work on discussing and adopting the new alphabet of the state language, and to ensure the effective implementation of this initiative of the Head of State for the sake of a strong and prosperous Kazakhstan!" The Address says.

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Friday, 15 September, 2017

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